Walnut Push Pins, Set of 20
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Walnut Push Pins, Set of 20

Walnut Push Pins, Set of 20

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Introducing our Walnut Push Pins, Set of 20, the perfect addition to any workspace looking to add a touch of warmth and sophistication. The dark walnut finish of these push pins adds a level of elegance that standard plastic or metal pins just can't match. The classic shaped head and steel pin are not only functional but also provide a timeless design that will elevate your bulletin board game. Plus, the deep, rich tones of the walnut wood can help create a more calming and cozy atmosphere in your workspace, promoting focus and productivity. So go ahead, switch out those boring old push pins and upgrade to our Walnut Push Pins for a stylish and functional update.


• Set of 20
• Dark walnut finish
• Classic shaped head
• Steel pin