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U-Eco Gel Click Recycled Plastic Pastel Speckle Pens, Set of 4

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Introducing our new line of eco-friendly writing tools brought to you by our passion to provide you with writing tools that are better looking, better performing and better for the planet. We minimized the amount of plastic used to produce these pens and replaced it with reclaimed and renewable wheat straw (that's what the little speckles are). By minimizing the amount of plastic used, we are lowering our carbon footprint, reducing plastic waste and making use of renewable materials that would normally go to waste.

These retractable gel ink pens come in four pastel colors: green, blue, blush and cream. Each pen features a 0.7 mm nib with a smooth, bold ink lay-down that allows you to write quick notes effortlessly.


  • Set of 4 eco gel ink pens 
  • Comes in sage, blue, blush and cream
  • 0.7 mm point size
  • Smooth and bold ink lay-down
  • Black ink
  • Less plastic waste, more happy writing
  • Packaging is produced of recycled materials  

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